Halloween time! 🎃👻

I was never much of a Halloween person but now that I have Emma, things have changed. I want her to get the full Halloween experience every year and to enjoy this time of year. We went to Pa’s Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach and we all enjoyed it. I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch since I was in elementary school so this was an experience for me as well. They had a petting zoo, pony rides, carnival games and rides, and you got to pick your own pumpkins. Emma enjoyed it as well, as she was kicking he feet in excitement and just looking around. 

Halloween day itself was an adventure. We originally wanted her to be Minnie Mouse since she was Emma’s favorite character but decided on her being a lamb. This was probably the only time where we got to decided what she was going to be so we thought, “how about a cute animal?” So a cute little lamb she was. We took Emma trick or treating around the neighborhood with her cousin and she enjoyed being out and about. Every doorstep we went to, commented on how cute Emma’s costume was and Emma loved seeing everyone. I can’t wait until she can walk and get to fully experience the Halloween tradition. 



(Look at that hair!!!) 

I was hesitant at first to have Emma use a pacifier. I didn’t want her to rely on them all the time or use them when she started school. A push from my husband, we tried giving her a pacifier maybe when she was about 2 months. Emma would take it for a split second and then spit it out. So we didn’t try after that. But I noticed now, at 3 months, that she’s been sucking on her thumb more and whatever we handed her, she’ll try and suck on that too. So I gave her a pacifier and she’s been sucking away on it. I was scared when she started falling asleep with it because I thought she wouldn’t be able to breathe or she would choke. But my husband assured me that she would be fine. I’m still skeptical about using a pacifier but I would rather have her using one than sucking on her think or other objects. 


We reached a milestone today!! We’ve been doing tummy time with Emma every day so that she can lift her head up and support herself. It’s been a struggle, comparing other babies to Emma and wondering why she hasn’t been able to support her head. But I learned that every baby is different and when the timing is right, it will happen. I think that’s a big struggle, comparing other babies to Emma when hitting milestones. But with patience, it has finally happened! She’s not 100 percent there, maybe like 90 percent, but today was the longest she has held herself up! I cried watching her because I know she’s growing more and more every day and that our little baby won’t be so little anymore. And it lets my husband and I know that we are doing something right. She’s our first born and we’re both learning as we go. 


Emma is half Korean and half Mexican, a halfie, a hapa, a mixed baby. Before she was born, all I wanted was for her to be healthy and have double eyelids. I know to most mothers, eyes were their least concern but to me, as an Asian American, I wanted to make sure she didn’t have small eyes like me. Growing up I was teased a lot for having small eyes. And as a concerned mother, I didn’t want that for my child. Lucky for me, she was born with double eyelids and everyday gets more enhanced. She is a perfect blend of my husband and I. 

As both Korean and Mexican, we want her to be trilingual and be able to utilize those languages as she grows older. My side of the family talks to her in Korean and my husband’s side talks to her in Spanish, so it should be interesting to see what she picks up growing up. Being fluent in different languages is very important now a days and to be able to be fluent in three languages will give her a big advantage as an adult. I want Emma to be proud of her heritage and be thankful to have two families who can teach her experiences and stories, things she won’t learn in textbooks. 

The Journey So Far….

My pregnancy was an easy one. I mostly had nausea, no morning sickness, no throwing up, and only swelling of my feet and hands towards the 8 month mark. I never purchased any maternity clothes, just purchased plus size clothing. We had quite a scare when they found swelling in the fetus’ brain but later found out it was normal. We were quite worried and prayed every day for our baby girl. I also had hypertension starting around 8 months so I had to be monitored twice a week. I was 39 weeks when Emma was born. When I thought of contractions, I associated it being in the front, where my stomach was. So for two days, my lower back was killing me. Throbbing pain like someone taking a knife and stabbing me in the lower back. But I never associated it with contractions. So on February 16th, when I couldn’t take the pain any longer, I went to the hospital to find out I was in labor and 9.5 cm dilated. So basically I did all my labor at home. With about 9 pushes, no epidural cause there was no time, I naturally gave birth to a healthy 6.12 pound, 19 in, baby girl. 

When deciding the name, my husband and I agreed that if the baby was a girl I would name the baby. And if the baby was a boy, he could. For some reason I’ve always loved the name Emma. And Emma Stone was one of my favorite actresses. So I decided on her first name being Emma. Her middle name Marie is an ode to my husband’s mother Maria. She helped us a lot through our relationship and even though she is my mother in law, I think of her as my mother. And that’s how her name was formed. 

The first couple of days after we brought her home, were rough. But we received a lot of help from my husband’s family and mine. Which I will forever be thankful for. Eventually we were able to get the hang of it, we’re not experts but we manage. She’s been a calm and loving baby. She sleep trained on her own. So 2.5 months, she was already sleeping through the night waking up once to eat. And she only cries when she’s hungry. So we got pretty lucky with this baby. 

These past 3 months have been amazing. I was able to take an additional 9 weeks off from work which I spent every moment with my bundle of joy. She loves to smile, suck on her whole hand, moves her feet, loves to eat, and she babbles a lot especially to her grandmothers. I’m returning back to work next week and I’m not sure how I’m going to be away from her for 8 hours a day but I know her daddy will take good care of her. 



Hello everyone! Welcome to Emma and me! Let me introduce myself. I am a first time mother to a very calm and beautiful 3 month old. I wanted to create this blog as a process of reflection and also a keepsake of my journey as a mother. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I wasn’t sure how great of a mother I was going to be but I was excited for the journey ahead. My husband and I were prepared to bring this little bundle of joy into the world and share a life together as a family. Every day has been a blessing with our little one and we’re excited for every milestone that’s to come. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!