The Journey So Far….

My pregnancy was an easy one. I mostly had nausea, no morning sickness, no throwing up, and only swelling of my feet and hands towards the 8 month mark. I never purchased any maternity clothes, just purchased plus size clothing. We had quite a scare when they found swelling in the fetus’ brain but later found out it was normal. We were quite worried and prayed every day for our baby girl. I also had hypertension starting around 8 months so I had to be monitored twice a week. I was 39 weeks when Emma was born. When I thought of contractions, I associated it being in the front, where my stomach was. So for two days, my lower back was killing me. Throbbing pain like someone taking a knife and stabbing me in the lower back. But I never associated it with contractions. So on February 16th, when I couldn’t take the pain any longer, I went to the hospital to find out I was in labor and 9.5 cm dilated. So basically I did all my labor at home. With about 9 pushes, no epidural cause there was no time, I naturally gave birth to a healthy 6.12 pound, 19 in, baby girl. 

When deciding the name, my husband and I agreed that if the baby was a girl I would name the baby. And if the baby was a boy, he could. For some reason I’ve always loved the name Emma. And Emma Stone was one of my favorite actresses. So I decided on her first name being Emma. Her middle name Marie is an ode to my husband’s mother Maria. She helped us a lot through our relationship and even though she is my mother in law, I think of her as my mother. And that’s how her name was formed. 

The first couple of days after we brought her home, were rough. But we received a lot of help from my husband’s family and mine. Which I will forever be thankful for. Eventually we were able to get the hang of it, we’re not experts but we manage. She’s been a calm and loving baby. She sleep trained on her own. So 2.5 months, she was already sleeping through the night waking up once to eat. And she only cries when she’s hungry. So we got pretty lucky with this baby. 

These past 3 months have been amazing. I was able to take an additional 9 weeks off from work which I spent every moment with my bundle of joy. She loves to smile, suck on her whole hand, moves her feet, loves to eat, and she babbles a lot especially to her grandmothers. I’m returning back to work next week and I’m not sure how I’m going to be away from her for 8 hours a day but I know her daddy will take good care of her. 


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