(Look at that hair!!!) 

I was hesitant at first to have Emma use a pacifier. I didn’t want her to rely on them all the time or use them when she started school. A push from my husband, we tried giving her a pacifier maybe when she was about 2 months. Emma would take it for a split second and then spit it out. So we didn’t try after that. But I noticed now, at 3 months, that she’s been sucking on her thumb more and whatever we handed her, she’ll try and suck on that too. So I gave her a pacifier and she’s been sucking away on it. I was scared when she started falling asleep with it because I thought she wouldn’t be able to breathe or she would choke. But my husband assured me that she would be fine. I’m still skeptical about using a pacifier but I would rather have her using one than sucking on her think or other objects. 


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